Wednesday, August 12, 2020


New Makeup and Gele Fashion Styles 2019

So if you are looking for the perfect Makeup and Gele to slay this weekend, don’t stress yourself. We Have selected some amazing New Makeup and Gele Fashion Styles to rock the week and...

The Perfect Way to Wash Your Bra

Dita von Tesse said that our lingerie is not to seduce men but to embrace our womanhood. How true is this!  We called lingerie delicate because they must be taken care of with utmost...

Popular Wedding and Honeymoon Locations Across Africa

The scenic beauty of Africa is an incredible blessing to the world with breathtaking wonders that can only be found on this continent.  Be prepared to fall deeply in love with some of the...

Step By Step on How To Tie African-Style Turban

Shh! Don’t scream it! We have made tying of African-style turban easier for you. We love the high turban that we see on different events. Many of us must have wondered how these...